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In marriage you start your life with a stranger or with someone you know very little about. In the un-reversable event if you by chance make mistake then you have no one to blame. Doing Marriage at a good time assures prosperity in your marriage and love planets and so you become and remain happy in your marital life. 

A business started at a good time assures prosperity and success for all the owners, partners, workers and the customers. You find a day and time when all the planets are in harmony for your business and its verder developments. The first day planets will affluence you for the whole duration of business, be it good or bad.

A construction started in bad time has different evil results, such as it doesn't complete, the owner can't get funds to complete it on time or the owner even dies sometime. So better be cautious and assure luck by laying foundation of a house or entering in to your dream house. It would be more than ridicules that you have invested millions in your house and due no checking a good Muhurta you and your family suffers for the time you started living in a house in bad timing.

Ganesh is the most prayed God for success

Well begun is half done. Starting or doing something in auspicious time makes more chances on success then doing them blindly. In Vedic Tradition, people were / are used to find a suitable day for their marriage, travel, house warming or for joining a job. We give you this possibility to find a muhurta and to assure your success. more info

Your interview and your selection depends on the people who interview you. They make an image of yours in their mind and that depends on the planetary movements at that time. So giving interview at an auspicious time assures at least 50% failure of yours. the same happens also when you meet your business partner and have an intention to get your business proposal accepted.

Your study involves several things like memory, thoughts and atmosphere. You need to deal with your teacher but at the same time with your class-mates. you need to give them a good competition and you have to have something more to prove yourself. Starting your education at a good time or giving an examination when the planets are in harmony make sure that get success in your way.

Why Muhurta is Necessary ?

We call Muhurta Necessary because it influences everything done a time. Muhurta says the actual planetary situation at a particular time and the compatible activities. So even un-knowingly or even un-believable if you do something at wrong time it gets failed or evil and you can't prevent that.

Remedy will not be sufficient ?

Muhurta is to take care that something happens at a good time and remedy is to repair a situation that is a result of bad Muhurta / time. There are some methodes (Like - Yagya) to repair the situation but repairing is not as cheap and strong as original harmony. So better prevention than cure.

Is one Muhurta good for everyone

No. A good Muhurta for you may be wrong for your partner or your parents. A particular muhurta needs to be checked with your horoscope too for better and durable outcome of an activity.

 Is one Muhurta good for everything ?

No. A good muhurta for marriage may not be good for travel. In muhurta we look for some combinations of days, nakshatra, planets and several other stuffs. So don't use one muhurta for an another purpose.

Is one Muhurta good for everyone

No. A good Muhurta for you may be wrong for your partner or your parents. A particular muhurta needs to be checked with your horoscope too for better and durable outcome of an activity.


Yagyas to Repair Problems

Ved Bhawan is most popular for its Yagyas. Yagyas are the Vedic Prayers and Rituals done in high quantities complying the norms and methodes stated in Vedic Scriptures for certain outcome that helps you solving problems caused by the evil planets in your horoscopes, curses or bad karma. Yagyas are also done in many days and involves up a number of Pandits varying from 1 to 100. It may be for health or other protections, for cure of health or problems, for money, marital and family problems as wel as for nature support to achieve your success. Yagya are specially helpful if you missed to find a muhurta for your marriage etc and you get now problems. learn more 

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Simple Muhurta: Rs. 1000 / $20

In this category fall Muhurtas for Travel, naamkaran, beginning of school, study, examination and signing a simple contract.

Complex Muhurta: Rs. 1000 / $20

All other purposes fall under complex Muhurta that also has may be matched with your horoscope (optional).

Unlimited Muhurta: Rs. 10000/$200

You get mobile number and email address of an astrologer and you can contact him to get Muhurta for any purpose with-in 1 year.  

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After Making payment please fill in this form. Within 30 minutes you will be called by our astrologer who can look and give you 2 choices of the Muhurta for 1 purpose. If you choose for live chat or email as medium of delivery then please wait on our email with full instruction that normally comes in 1 hour. If you just fil up any form without making payment, then we will never call you or reply you.

About Ved Bhawan India

Ved Bhawan was established in 1997 in the capital of India - Delhi. With 4 Pandits and in a 2 room apartment we started our journey of helping people by authentic knowledge and realistic consultations & Services by professionally educated Pandits and Astrologers. In last 13 years Ved Bhawan is now Ved Bhawan International head quartered in United States of America. The basic motto of Ved Bhawan is to help the society with the application of vedic knowledge for leading a peaceful and prosperous life. Besides this Ved Bhawan works also to prevent Vedic Knowledge and promote Vedic Scholars by giving them platform for performances.  Ved Bhawan (India) is autonomously registered in India under Society Registration Act 1860 and is independently managed by our committee members in India. It is however financially not connected to any of our international websites but does follow the standard and optimism of world class services established by Head Quarters.

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